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November 8th, 2006 - yummy turtle

About November 8th, 2006

I've Been Waiting Two Years To Gloat And I'm Damn Well Going To Do It. Please Indulge. 09:42 am

Number one. I'm out of work. Number two. Please find me a job. Number three. Won't someone please hire me?

I mean, seriously. Doesn't anyone in this town need their windshield cleaned? Anyone? Hello?

Stop the madness, people! This is all just a dream... isn't it?!

I cook, by the way. Did I mention I cook? Well, I do.

Also, South Dakota said no to the extreme abortion ban. My feelings toward South Dakota are infinitely more positive than they were yesterday. Lamont may have lost, and Virginia's got some hate issues they need to work through, but otherwise, it was a very good day yesterday. The Republican spin, as Zach pointed out, is "The US is still a conservative country." Um... yeah.

Madam Speaker, your thoughts?

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